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Over the past few months, we’ve made massive improvements to our core runtime to help every Retool app run faster. Our improvements have driven 50%+ performance improvements in page loads for large Retool apps, and this new Runtime V2 is now available for all cloud customers.

We’re really excited about this launch! We know how important performance is to Retool users, and we’re pleased to deliver a performance boost to all your apps, in just a few clicks.

We’re going to roll this out to all apps on 4 April, 2023. But we’re reaching out to give you the opportunity to upgrade to this new runtime today. If you’re interested in trying it out a bit earlier, here are two ways you can try it today:

  1. For all apps at once: Go to Settings → Advanced, and toggle on the Enable Latest Runtime For Your Organization option. Note: only admins can apply global changes.

  2. App-by-app: click on the runtime menu in the status bar to upgrade the runtime

Screenshot of a prompt for enabling the feature

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at

Thank you!
Roy Ziv
Deployed Engineer at Retool

# Screenshot of the email

Screenshot of the newsletter from Retool